Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kasey!

Kasey's Birthday Cake

Kasey turned 12 on February 11th. She requested a cake decorated in "her" colors - aqua blue, lime green, and purple. She wanted the concentric dots like I had done for her daddy's birthday cake last August.

I baked three 9" layers of French Vanilla cake using the White Almond Sour Cream recipe. I separated the batter into two equal parts and tinted one aqua blue and one purple. Then I dropped alternating scoops of batter on top of each other. The result was a purple and blue striated cake when you sliced it. I used Bavarian cream filling between the layers. Frosted the cake with butter cream frosting and then covered it with fondant and then the fondant appliques. I finished it off with a large "K".

I displayed the cake on a glass cake pedestal rimmed in silver. It's the same one that was used for our cakes when we were kids, so it holds a special meaning to me.

She loved her cake and her friends were amazed. Now they all want me to make their next birthday cake.

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