Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa brought me a new camera!

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My previous camera, a Minolta DiMAGE 5, decided to retire. It made a few sputtering noises, then a loud *POP*, then it emitted the telltale aroma of burnt electronics. It still takes pictures, but the flash no longer works. And, every once in a while that lovely burnt smell accompanies a shot or two.

So, I shopped around, consulted photography friends, and decided I wanted a Canon 400D, also known as the Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I found a really great deal and placed it in my husband's shopping cart. I told him this just in case he decided to surprise me with a new camera for Christmas. He said he would like to but Christmas shopping had taken its toll on our funds, so it probably wasn't going to happen.

But then, lo and behold, he came through! He picked me up from work and told me about it on the way home. I cried, which kind of freaked him out because I don't usually all. I told him I was crying because there were other things that we could have spent the money on and we didn't need a camera. But on the other hand, I really enjoy my photography and I needed a camera for Christmas pictures of the kids. Then we had a good laugh.

He had it expedited so that it would arrive on Friday, December 19th. UPS, however, had other plans. They decided it should take a detour first so it went to Jeanerette, then back to the Lake Charles hub before finally arriving in New Iberia and put on a truck for delivery.

I met the truck at the road. The driver and his co-pilot are not regulars to our neighborhood, and I think my waving and jumping up and down kind of scared them. I rushed to the door on the passenger side and he looked a little apprehensive. But, nonetheless, he verified my address and handed my package over to me.

I took pictures the night it was delivered and of course I brought it to work with me the next day and took pics of my coworkers. It worked perfectly for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning shots. I took a ride out to Lake Martin the day after Christmas to test my new zoom lens. It was overcast and windy, but it was 77 degrees outside, so there was wildlife to be found. I was quite pleased with the pics I got considering that I really hadn't had time to acquaint myself with all the features and settings. I also got some good shots when we went to visit my grandfather in Sulphur, Louisiana.

Here are some of my favorite shots that I've taken so far.

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