Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Photograph a Cake (without expensive equipment)

While I always enjoy compliments on my cakes and cookies, I've recently begun to get many compliments on may cake and cookie photography. Being a practical and frugal person (interpreted as "cheap"), I'm always looking for creative solutions.

After completing my most recent cake, I decided to try something new when it came time to photograph it. I recently installed full spectrum bulbs in the fluorescent ceiling fixture in my kitchen, which has improved my ability to shoot without a flash. Throw in an empty butter tub and a $2.00 scrap of fabric and voila, I've got some really nice photos. Read more about my Fuchsia Gerbera Daisy Cake.


Betty said...

Great job on the cake and pictures!

Kim said...

Thank you!

bridges67 said...

Hi Kim,
I just happen to land in your website when i searched from Yahoo topics on how to photograph cupcakes.
I love how you explained it! Thank you very much.
I just bought my DSLR (Canon 500D) a few weeks ago. And like you, i dont know how to navigate on its functions. Im a bit scared actually hehehe.
Here are my first few shots.
I just have to leave a TY message for this helpful entry before I browse in your other blog entries :)
Thanks again for sharing this info.

bridges67 said...

Me again Kim :)
I just noticed that this is an 2008 entry lol. I saw your amazing photos in flicker. Its just awesome!!! I love love love them all :)
I wish i can learn how to use my dslr soon.
Oh, and I love your self portraits from one of your blog entries.
Just lovely!

kim dever thibodeaux said...

Thank you! I have pretty much replaced baking with photography, but I still do a cake every now and then. I checked out your Flickr pics and they were great. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about anything - cake or camera!

Have a good one!